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This group is dedicated to My Little Pony Friendship is Magic artwork from the mane 6 to queen Chrysalis. Hope you have a great time.

Chat…,… and…

To all members: feel free and join the chats if you want, would love to chat with everypony:)
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Sep 25, 2013


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42 Members
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Currently looking for a few more people to help with game making, mainly with writing, animating, helping out with a few of the villains in the game, some help with story and character/villain dialog. If anyone is interested in helping check out… you can also visit…. Ideas for the game will be helpful and I'd always consider them if it fits the story(first set in the present and then for the rest of the game centered in the past). One last thing, the villains of the game are currently being discussed what powers and plans are going to be and might need a bit of help with that. For the villains(link wasn't showing all the characters) and they are four ponies, one minotaur, one chimera, one centaur and three dragons.

For the invite to the group if you wish to
Hey :iconthelittledixie: here

  Coyote is being kick out of his house if you got a few dollars laying around and what to donate go to and join coyote and his friend on Team OK livestream
Something I hardly do is post journal entries but I feel like this will be worth while:

Currently there is a open contest being held by :iconiven-furrpaw: his artwork looks really great

Group can be found here --->  guardiansofequestria.deviantar…

Equestria needs your help
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Gallery Folders

Ezra Bridger (Pony Version) (Star Wars Character) by Arc-Fire
Luna by Fensu-San
Drawcember 2015 / 2016 - Day 19 by still-a-fan
Commission for Cryptic-91 by SneezleFreezy12120
Mane six and Spike
Chibi Pinkie by UniSoLeiL
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Chibi Fluttershy by UniSoLeiL
Crazy Pink Pony by Cjbronyten
Cutie Mark Crusaders
Unimpressed Apple Bloom by Cjbronyten
Babs Seed Grin by EquestianRacer
Run CMC by EquestianRacer
All alone on Christmas (Contest Entry) by TheDemonOfSloth
Celestia As Mercy. Collab by UniSoLeiL
Christmas Luna Portrait by pridark
Chibi Luna by UniSoLeiL
Warrior Princess Luna Redone by EquestianRacer
Pony OC's and Non pony OC's
Chaos Angel. AT by UniSoLeiL
Midnight race. CM by UniSoLeiL
Cat's New Pony Form by Arc-Fire
Cat's Original Pony Form by Arc-Fire
Backgroud Ponies
Excited Sunset by Cjbronyten
Vapor trail by UniSoLeiL
Moon dancer by UniSoLeiL
I made you something by EquestianRacer
Two or more ponies
Funny picnic. CM by UniSoLeiL
Luna and Jason. CM for HunterBrony101 by UniSoLeiL
AJ and AF. AT Skittle141 by UniSoLeiL
Twilight was a little drunk (SFM edition) by EquestianRacer
MLP fan fiction
MLP Villains
Changeling- close up shot by Cjbronyten
Queen Chrysalis by EquestianRacer
My Little Pony - Call Upon the Sea Changeling!? by Dalia1784
Discord and The Reventon of Chaos by EquestianRacer
Picnic with Pinkie. CM by UniSoLeiL
MLP human or Anthro
Albi, Abaddon's bride. CM by UniSoLeiL
Others and crossovers
Giegue/Giygas Ponyfied by Cjbronyten


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